• Sheppard East Village is delighted to announce that its new website is now functioning - and will help to link neighbourhood residents, businesses, professional offices, facilities, schools and community organizations.

    One highlight of this site is the ability to call up information about businesses and professional offices in our neighbourhood – either by their names or their fields. SEV will continue working with its members, to try to provide the information that people in the neighbourhood want.

  • When you are next in our area, you will notice that SEV has installed appealing new banners on 112 Hydro poles. These banners highlight nine SEV members, who represent more than 500 goods and service providers in our area.

    Because of many changes in proposed area transit construction schedules since 2008, SEV has not been able to set up signs at the edges of our BIA – and it was recommended that we not even replace our banners, since they would all come down for construction. 

  • In addition to the 7 nearby schools, SEV BIA would like to assist 15 other community organizations that serve the people who live in our local area. 

    Our new SEV BIA website includes points of contact for these 22 local organizations – generally their phone number, their email address and their website.

    We hope this will help many people find information they need and will put them in direct contact with neighbourhood service organizations and schools. 

  • Every year, since 2008, SEV BIA supports 7 local schools by helping to pay for the costs of the student agendas – or daybooks – that are printed and handed out to each of their students.

    SEV BIA recently provided the 7 area schools with their 2013 cheques and were pleased to receive their thanks and best wishes.

    One letter we would like to share came from Joan Willis - Principal of C D Farquharson Public School on Brimley Road, south of Sheppard - who wrote: