More Food Outlets Open

Sheppard East Village was part of the area described by U.S. food expert Tyler Cowen as having the best authentic ethnic foods – by far - of any suburban area he had ever visited.

This reflects the quality and variety provided by over 60 food service outlets on Sheppard Avenue East, from Midland Avenue to Markham Road.

2019 saw a growing number of food outlets, in addition to the Katsuya Japanese Restaurant, as 4 more new restaurants opened in our BIA.

The four new restaurants ready to serve you include:

Ai Sushi Restaurant, 5103 Sheppard Ave. E. – in the Plaza at Markham Rd.

Fountain Cuisine, 4438 Sheppard Ave. E. – second floor in the Oriental Centre

King of Lamb Halal Buffet, 4365 Sheppard Ave. E. - 2 blocks west of Brimley

Matsuda Japanese Cuisine, 4810 Sheppard Ave. E. - at Shorting.


These restaurants are all clean, modern and offer menus with fine foods from a variety of regions. We think they offer something for almost any culinary taste.

Our website will have more information about each of these fine food outlets – but we think it may be time for you to come to Sheppard East Village to check out our appealing food offerings.